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PostPosted: Sat Apr 29, 2017 10:37 pm
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I read the cyberpunk manifesto ... festo.html

I read some Gibson, I read some Stephenson. I watched some GTIS, some Texhnolyze, some Matrix (Yes, the Star Wars of Cyberpunk, full of more action than content, but still fun to me) and other forms and media. Industrial music is my bread and butter. I love the comics, I love the genre.

But it's confusing as hell. I can't admit with a straight face that I understand the whole feel, but I want to immerse myself into it.

So I want to fake it till I make it.

I want to load up my playlist with the music of cyberpunk, and I want to read two novels from the genre in the next month. More than anything I want the clothes, the music, and the philosophy, so I'm open to recommendations on the scientific text reading side.

It sounds hipster, which is disgusting I know, but I'd really like to get into this. Any recs appreciated.

Psychologically, Physically, Real life has wack graphics.
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